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As H&H’s longest paddle, the Ottertail is perfect for days spent traversing deep lakes. Our Ottertail design is well-balanced and very responsive thanks to the elongated spine throughout the blade. This makes it ideal for experienced stern or solo paddlers who enjoy a longer blade that pushes a lot of water. It is also a great choice for bow paddlers looking for a smooth, effortless cadence.

Solid cherry wood construction with a hand rubbed oil finish. Handcrafted by Hunter & Harris in Ontario, Canada.

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See the specifications below.

Wood: Cherry
Blade Size: 28 ½ x 5 ¼ inches
Avg. weight: 30 oz.
Shaft: Soft oval
Grip: Pear
Finish: Hand-rubbed oil finish


Overall Length 54″ 57″ 60″ 63″
Shaft Length: 25.5″ 28.5″ 31.5″ 34.5″
Blade Length: 28.5″ 28.5″ 28.5″ 28.5″
Blade Width: 5.25″ 5.25″ 5.25″ 5.25″