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Moisie 16’6” (Nova Craft Whitewater Series) – NC Canoe Co.


One of the most outstanding wild rivers in Canada is the namesake for Nova Craft’s new expedition canoe, the Moisie. It’s an incredible tripping canoe for modern day explorers who want to tackle whitewater with big waves and deep holes. The symmetrical shape, deep hull, large volume ends and 4” of rocker makes for lots of maneuverability and a dry ride in the big stuff.

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At 34” wide the Moisie still has enough speed on the flat sections to get you to the next set of rapids with ease. The Moisie has plenty of carrying capacity for extended river expeditions. Surfing, side slipping and ferrying in and out of rapids are all handled with ease. Whether you’re just out to enjoy a day of play in whitewater or you’re about to head out on a month long expedition, the Moisie is an amazing canoe that can make even a newcomer to paddling look like an expert.

Made in Canada.

TuffStuff Expedition: 67lbs / 30.4kg

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Length: 16’6” / 506cm
Width: 34″ / 86.4cm
Center Depth: 15” / 38.1cm
End Depth: 26″ / 66cm
Rocker: 4″ / 10.2cm
Capacity: 1100lb / 499kg
Weights are based on year-long production averages and may vary.

  • Symmetrical Hull
  • Shallow Arch Bottom
  • Pronounced Rocker

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